Need to get your Trade Contractor Licence but not sure where to start?

Facts About Getting Your Trade Contractor Licence in Queensland

Except in some very rare circumstances, you must have a Trade Contractor Licence to carry out trade contractor work to builders or owners in Queensland.

A Trade Contractor Licence can only be issued by the BSA, and usually takes between six to eight weeks to be granted. The licence application includes:

When applying for your Trade Contractor Licence be sure of your facts and supply all requested paperwork. The BSA are thorough when double-checking information, and a lack of documentation will only delay the issue of your licence.

An approved Managerial Training Program is part of the training requirements within the Trade Contractor Licence application. Part of the training covers how to manage your billing and documentation processes. The reason for the BSA ruling this inclusion is due to a high percentage of tradespeople not being paid on time - and in many cases, not being paid at all! Getting paid is one of the single most important things you can do as a Trade Contractor. You are in business and keeping money flowing through the industry is paramount to both your success and the industry's.

When applying for your Trade Contractor Licence it is necessary to complete the training portion through an RTO that is on the BSA Approved Managerial Courses list. This will ensure you're compliant with the BSA's licensing requirements and help avoid delays in your application process.

Got Questions? To find out more please visit our Trade Contractor Licence enquiry page.